25 Feb

Age of Sparta Review

To tell you the truth I wasn’t really big on handheld gaming. I actually never prefer to play games out of the comfort of my couch or eventually a chair in front of a big ass TV or monitor for that matter. Lately, we’re seeing an expansion of handheld device whether it’s a smart phone that has grown to size of a cutting board or maybe a tablet which was always the size of cutting board and just recently they started making them twice the size of the same thing. When it comes to video game consoles those are not immune to the trends over time that the society is setting I mean, they cannot afford to be immune since their income is directly dictated by the ability to appease their consumers needs.

It is not just a video game console companies that are susceptible to these effects, I myself have also fallen prey to these modern-day standards even though I was strongly against it for as long as I can remember. To tell you the truth, it was very shortsighted of me and I was acting highly conservative when it comes to accepting new ways to game and have fun with modern technologies. But do not blame me just yet, I have perfectly valid reasons for the state of mind that I was in during that time.

You see, when handheld gaming was first popularized on smart phones and tablets and who knows what, it was the most basic of the basic. To make matters worse it was incredibly popular among what the majority of the gaming society refers to as “filthy casuals”. Turns out that these casuals were playing more video games than the elitist society of modern Gamers and were willing to cash out quite a bit more than those who “actually cared for games”.

Now I’m not gonna go into too many details with this and ask how or why this is as it is because that’s not what I was planning to talk about but I felt the urge to mention it anyway and to make long story short, the casual market of the handheld devices in their video game potential started expanding rapidly. It wasn’t long before all those big video game companies have started to notice and appreciate the potential of handheld devices and naturally started making games for those devices. Fast-forward a couple of years and, you’d never guessed it but, I’m playing strategy game on my god damn smart phone.

See, that’s the thing. That was me being conservative and unacceptable of something that was different than the things I had in my time. That thought that I had in my mind how video games can never flourish on a platform like mobile phone was very wrong to begin with. Now, don’t get me wrong, the initial games for smart phones were nothing more than fancy gimmicks for the touchscreen and your personal camera which pretty much did nothing more than allowed you to tap on your screen and watching some strange action unfolds.

Nowadays when the market has expanded and adjusted to the needs of Gamers worldwide who clearly wanted to have something more complex we have cool games made for these devices that are appealing even to an old-school gamer like myself who prefers real-time strategies and the complexity of a game play that only turn-based RPG and real-time strategies can provide.

It’s been a year now since I’ve started playing Age of Sparta. I know, right. Sounds ridiculous that somebody who grew up playing Age of Empires, WarCraft, StarCraft and alike would be drawn to a simple handheld game whose only purpose is to milk the money out of the user with ridiculous restrictions and payment wall blocked content. That’s true, it may be a game that is very restrictive unless you’re willing to pay a certain amount of money in order to fully enjoy it, I completely and wholeheartedly agree on that fact but, don’t all games to this? I mean StarCraft isn’t a free game, it is actually a very pricey one. To be 100% realistic here, there is no real-time strategy of a modern age that can compete against StarCraft and its ingenuity but you see my point here, right?

Now what’s even better is that you may choose not to pay a single dollar more than you initially planned on spending on a video game because there are so many hacks and cracks that allow you to simply bypass these very primitive security measures that these companies are using to measure the amount of resources and whatnot for specific game accounts. It’s pretty much a “name your own price” deal. Frankly speaking, I myself have used a hack for the Age of Sparta in order to unlock the content and be able to play the game with no restrictions to if you want to do that, there is a generator that works wonders and I may provided for you if you’re interested. To be fair, if you like the game you should spend at least $10 on it so that developers know that there are people playing and may continue supporting and updating this game (any game). It’s a win-win situation honestly. If you can afford it I believe you should be able to play but if you can afford as little as a couple of dollars, then please by all means don’t be an ass leech and show your appreciation for the people who made it possible for you to enjoy a video game.

So this brings us here, at the end of this… Whatever this is.

I honestly had no intention of doing anything in particular with this wall of text rather than just expressing my thoughts about gaming and stereotypes and how everything is susceptible to change with time, like my viewpoints and opinions about handheld gaming which are initially disliked very much but if come to learn to appreciate it over this past year’s. I guess I could say that you should value your own opinions and viewpoints but try and keep an open mind about other things that you perhaps don’t have enough insight of to judge in the first place like I have.

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