10 Feb

Free casual iOS games great for passing time!

We live fast nowadays and we are constantly being on the move. Whether it’s that you’re going to school, college, work or simply transiting between one area to another, the fact is that we are spending a lot of time in transit. Luckily for us, cell phones and tablets have also became a big part of our lives and there’s barely anybody who doesn’t own at least some kind of smart phone or similar portable electronic device. If you are amongst those described in the previous sentences and it also happens that you’ve chosen Apple’s iOS device to be your trustworthy companion than this post is for you.

Here are some of the best iOS video games that are great for time killing. Next time you are in transit for a while, like going to a university or visiting a friend and you don’t have anything to read along the way you might want to give some of these video games a try.

Cut the Rope

One of the most popular games on the market and for good reason. It may look like children’s game at first glance because of its family-friendly graphics and presentation but this game will undoubtably provide hours of fun no matter what your age is.

It is a puzzle game with a very simple goal. You need to cut the rope so that the candy falls into the mouth of the little green candy monster that sitting on the screen. It is a rather simple sounding concept but make no mistake, it can and it will get progressively harder.

Fruit Ninja

Another title coming straight from the Hall of Fame. And there’s barely anybody who’s unaware of this game by now but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t deserve to be featured on this list.

If you managed to stay ignorant about this game for this long all you need to know is that it’s a minimalistic game of precision and reflexes. Their use fruit is hurled up words and your job as the fruit ninja is to cut it before it falls down. Another simple concept that may prove hard to master. It’s a game everybody will be able to play and casually enjoying on their handheld devices but only the most dedicated and skilled fruit hinges will manage to climb the ranks on the leaderboard’s and prove that they are the best fruit ninjas around.

Super Mario Run

Compared to the other two, this game is just a hatchling. Despite its “age” it already managed to climb the ranks of popularity and is being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise us considering this is a game that features one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the history of video games, Super Mario himself. Undoubtedly inspired by similar titles where you run and collect coins along the way trying to score as high as possible, Super Mario Run managed to refresh the old gameplay and make it feel new and fresh by adding unique gameplay mechanics to the game.

*Super Mario Run is, unlike the previous games, not entirely free to play and requires a one time purchase in order to be fully accessible. Luckily for us there is easy hack for super mario run that allows us to unlock most of the games features.

28 Jan

Must-have iOS and Androi apps for you smartphone and tablet!


There are literally millions of software available for our smart phones and tablet devices. On the first glance they all seem pretty useful and most of us think that we’ve just found something we were looking for. Upon more thorough inspection we start to realize that the app we just got has its flaws. Before we know it we have our smart phones and tablets filled with so many useless junk that barely even works. To help you find cool apps that you may find useful, here’s a list of absolutely the greatest apps that can be found and installed on your device.


Evernote is a sticker tool, kind of. This handy and seemingly minimalistic app turns out to be not so minimalistic after all. It will allow you to keep track of things you’ve done and put a highlight on things that you want to be doing at any given time. It can help organize your daily routines as well as allow you to make easy to use shopping lists for when you can’t really rely on remembering all that stuff.

It also allows you to save content from websites like pictures, videos, food recipes, study material, case studies etc.

Evernote also has some really advanced stuff like text scanning. For example, if you receive a business card you may snap a picture and the Evernote will scan and memorize all of the important information from that card without you having to carry it around in your wallet.

Probably the best thing about it is that it’s also available on PC so that it may serve as an extension of your memoirs, business schedule or a cookbook. It’s an all-around with so many uses, it’s very easy to get into and best of all it’s free to try and use in its basic plan.

Facebook Messenger

If you’re a Facebook user and let’s face it, pretty much everybody is nowadays, then there are good chances you’re already familiar with the Facebook messenger. However those of you were not, this might be the perfect time you get introduced to it.

Plainly speaking, it’s a social application that lets you text your Facebook friends. However it doesn’t stop there. Facebook messenger also allows for video calls to be made! Perhaps the biggest advantage to using this handy app is that it does not require you to actually have the people you want to text added to your Facebook friend list. All you need is a phone number and you’ll be able to get in touch with anybody whose phone number you have regardless of whether or not you to our friends in the network.


Unlike machines, we tend to lose data. This is completely normal and you should be alarmed if this happens to you because you may rest assured that it’s happening to all of us. If you tend to lose your passwords frequently than LastPass might be just what you need.

Every time you come up to a website that requires a password, this handy application will randomly generate a very complex password and memorize it so that the next time you want to access your account all you need to do is simply tap on your screen and let the LastPass do the rest.

It also comes very useful when you need to fill out forms. It allows you to customize info such as your first name and last name, country of residence, phone number, street or some sensitive info like your credit card info.

And it’s completely safe! It uses advanced encryption to safeguard all of the information’s you provided it with so that no one other than you, not even the program itself holds the information.

Google Drive

Data is everywhere. Modern lifestyle heavily revolves around digital data. We use it for work, we use it to study and we use it for pure, mindless entertainment. However, our devices can only store that much in our memory cards are very limited making it impossible to carry all of that precious data all around. That’s where Google Drive comes in. It is a trusty and very reliable cloud service that will allow you to store “infinite” amounts of data that’s allowing you to carry all of the essential bits around with you.

Whether your dragging your case studies and college work around or perhaps you are preparing to spend a month outside of your home and you just want to bring some movies and TV shows with you to watch, Google Drive can do all of it regardless of what you may need it for.


If you’ve been living anywhere but underneath the rock then you absolutely must know about this app. For those who have indeed been living under a rock, Spotify might be the reason to come out of that place.

While it is true that there are numerous ways that you can listen all of your favorite tunes on your phone from purchasing tracks off of Google Play Music or iTunes or listening to a local radio, Spotify is definitely the best option.

It is a perfect blend of a personal library in a live radio broadcast. It allows you to freely listen to a huge database of all kinds of music genres featuring pretty much every author we ever heard of. At the same time it allows you to make personal playlists and share them with the community or with your close friends and family. Spotify may sound like nothing special when you read this and think about it but believe me, once you’ve tried it you will never think about listening to music any other way than this, that I guarantee you!

Traveling a lot? Need something to keep you occupied so that your time may pass faster? Check out some smartphone games!